How to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 on Optus Sport

How to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 on Optus Sport

To watch the UEFA Euro on Optus Sport, football enthusiasts in Australia are in for a treat. Optus Sport has secured broadcasting rights for this prestigious tournament, ensuring fans can catch all the action from this thrilling competition. For just $24.99 per month, viewers can gain access to an extensive lineup of football matches, including the UEFA Euro 2024.

So, whether you’re a die-hard football fan or simply eager to experience the excitement of the UEFA Euro, subscribing to Optus Sport is your ticket to the action-packed tournament. Take advantage of the drama, goals, and unforgettable moments the UEFA Euro offers.

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UEFA Euro 2024 Live Stream on Optus Sport?

How to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 on Optus Sport

Optus Sport has secured the broadcasting rights for this prestigious UEFA EURO 2024, making it the go-to channel for football enthusiasts to enjoy all the live action, highlights, analysis, and exclusive content related to the event.

Optus Sport provides a dedicated platform to catch every thrilling moment of this highly anticipated football championship, whether you’re a fan of a specific team or simply a lover of the beautiful game. So, if you’re in Australia and want to watch the UEFA Euro 2024, tune in to Optus Sport for comprehensive coverage.

Optus Sport All Package Details

How to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 on Optus Sport

Optus Sport offers an all-inclusive package for sports enthusiasts at $24.99 monthly. This subscription allows you to access sports content beyond just the UEFA Euro 2024. This comprehensive package ensures you can enjoy a wide range of sporting events, including football, cricket, rugby, and more, all from the comfort of your preferred device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

Alongside live match broadcasts, Optus Sport provides exclusive content, detailed analysis, pre and post-match discussions, and engaging highlights, making it the ultimate destination for sports fans to stay connected with their favorite games and teams.

Optus Monthly Plan$24.99 per month (Billed Monthly)
Annual Plan$199.00 per month (Billed Annually)
Optus SubHub $6.99 per month (Billed Monthly)

Optus Sport Compatible Devices

Optus Sport offers versatile compatibility across various devices, ensuring subscribers can enjoy their favorite sports content conveniently. Optus Sport has you covered whether you prefer the portability of a smartphone or tablet, the immersive experience of a smart TV, or the convenience of a web browser.

You can seamlessly stream live matches, exclusive content, and in-depth analysis on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, and desktop computers. This wide-ranging compatibility allows sports enthusiasts to stay connected with their favorite games and teams wherever they are, enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of the Optus Sport subscription.

How to Watch Optus Sport Anywhere in the World?

To watch Optus Sport from anywhere in the world, you can follow these general steps using a VPN (Virtual Private Network):

  1. Select a reputable VPN provider that offers servers in Australia. Ensure the VPN has a good track record for privacy and security.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on the device you want to use for streaming Optus Sport.
  3. Open the VPN app and log in with your credentials.
  4. Browse the list of available servers and connect to one in Australia. This will assign you an Australian IP address.
  5. Once the VPN connection is established, visit the Optus Sport website or use the Optus Sport app. You should now be able to access its content as if you were in Australia.
  6. Browse and enjoy all the sports content, including the UEFA Euro, offered by Optus Sport from anywhere in the world.

Can I watch Highlights of UEFA Euro on Optus Sport?

Yes, you can watch highlights of the UEFA Euro 2024 on Optus Sport. Optus Sport provides comprehensive tournament coverage, including dedicated highlight section that capture the matches’ most exciting moments, goals, and key plays. This lets you catch up on the action even if you’ve missed the live broadcasts.

Whether you’re interested in post-match analysis or want to relive the best moments of the UEFA Euro, Optus Sport offers a convenient way to enjoy the highlights of this prestigious football tournament. Optus Sports does not offer DVR storage functionality, which lets you record and save live broadcasts for later viewing.

How to watch Optus Sport for free?

Optus Sport doesn’t have a free trial offer but does have a completely free tier of access all Aussies can enjoy. Optus Sport is a robust contender in the sports streaming game, especially for football fans.

What are the Alternatives to Optus Sport for UEFA Euro Streaming?

Several alternatives to Optus Sport for streaming the UEFA Euro include:

fuboTV: fuboTV is a sports-centric streaming service that often offers coverage of major soccer tournaments like the UEFA Euro. It provides access to live matches, as well as DVR capabilities for recording games you might miss.

Sling TV: Sling TV offers various packages, some of which include channels that broadcast UEFA Euro matches. Depending on the package you choose, you can access live games and coverage.

YouTube TV: YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that may include channels broadcasting UEFA Euro matches. It offers cloud DVR for recording and watching games later.

Hulu + Live TV: Hulu + Live TV provides access to live sports, including UEFA Euro matches, depending on your location and the availability of specific channels in your package.

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